Paris: Lampposts and Street Lights

Accompanied by birds

Pont Alexandar III

Hôtel de Ville


The Louvre

Near Notre Dame

Place des Vosges

Place des Vosges

Along the Left Bank

Rue des Barres, Le Marais

(all by Georgianna, simply because I became a bit obsessed with them!)

Thank you all for your recent visits and comments! More to come very soon.


  1. Georgianna and David,
    As always, you take my breath away.
    What magical images these are, and although very tough to pick a favorite, I think second to last one is mine.

  2. wow....always so so beautiful!!!

  3. So beautiful! Love the patina I see on some of the lampposts. Awesome, awesome photography as always!

  4. Excellent images!, Thanks for sharing.
    you have a happy weekend.
    a hug.

  5. What a city. The divine details make all the difference. I like that you captured a few birds as well.

    Is that you up there in that window?

  6. Dear Georgianna,

    Love the lamp lights around Paris, they are all so romantic and makes me want to go and pack my suitcase and travel there again.

    Happy weekend

  7. Oh! These are breathtaking! G.! So beautiful and ornate. *sigh*

  8. So beautiful, you really catch the soul of Paris.

  9. I com here and want to stay here.
    So many beautiful images, they feed my eyes.
    How is this beautiful country, Cile?
    Big hugs to you and have a nice Sunday.

  10. Love how you captured the ornate details of these lamp posts! And how you got the birds to pose - knew you two were talented, but that's remarkable - heehee. Sincerely, these are gorgeous - love the color in the first pic! This group would make a great calendar!! Nice job my friend! t. xo

  11. How can there be a city any more beautiful? Even the street lamps are stylish!

  12. A collection of gorgeous images! I am always struck by the way all of these objects from the past are so beautifully designed and embellished! No object seems too insignificant for the artist's touch. Thanks so much for sharing these gems of history as seen through your admiring eyes!

  13. BREATHTAKINGLY STUNNING PHOTOGRAPHY, darling!!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE them all ... the third one down and the next to the last are my FAVORITES ... the lanterns with the architecture ... what a fabulous combination! Such a talent! xoxo

    Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou
    This Week: A Glamorous "Little Black Dress" Halloween Soiree!

  14. I like that obsession very much!
    That last photo is awesome with that person in the window ;-)

  15. I can see why you became obsessed -- they are beautiful! Wouldn't it be wonderful if the same care and attention to detail were shown in the design of all our modern, utilitarian outdoor lights? xoxo

  16. The first and the last two images are so beautiful, Georgianna! My favourites from this lovely post. :)

  17. Beautiful images ... love that ferris wheel!

  18. These are all wonderful, but the first and last - OH MY!!

  19. Oh my blessed Georgianna!! You are a woman after my own heart. What is the meaning of these images! Each is a piece of art. Framable. Such exquisite workmanship & your framing and the lighting & your treatment in some of the images - you create magic. That is all I can say. You quench my thirst for beauty. I am deeply grateful for that.

  20. Truly amazing. I like how you got the lone bird on the lamp. (And I can't believe I've missed all these posts till today)

  21. your work is insanely beautiful! I blogged one of your pictures on my CrushCuldeSac in Tumblr but quickly removed it when read your sidebar note. I would love your permission to do a post on Crush Party and of course link back to you as well as your etsy store. Thank you in advance for your consideration.

  22. Just so beautiful. I m stuck here to be honest looking at the detail here and on a another blog.
    Takes me right there almost.
    Thank you for that.

    The flu is going around and hitting so many of us. Weve had the cold at my house and Im sore all over from a fall on ice. My Camera made it though Thank God it didnt hit the ice too.
    Have a lovely day / night.

  23. The images made my heat flutter !!!!!
    Especially the pale pinks of the first one.
    Ohhh, I could see these on my walls !

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