Paris: Window Shopping (Part I)

Chanel, Rue Royale (Georgianna)

Chanel, Rue Royale (Georgianna)

Place des Vosges (David)

Much-lusted after bag, The Marais; "Humbugs" at Au Nom de la Rose, Blvd. St. Germain; necklace, The Marais; tea set, Rue Royale. (Georgianna)

Party store, The Marais (Georgianna)

Hat shop, The Marais; Window display, Louis Vuitton, Champes Élysées. (Georgianna)


Happy Holidays, everyone! Many thanks for your visits and comments! G & D


  1. What fun! That necklace would have been perfect with my wedding dress. :-)

  2. How much is that doggy in the window!
    One can never tire of Parisian windows or what is behind them.........
    Georgianna have fun in Venice next year
    Carla x

  3. A delightful spot of window shopping, thanks :)

  4. Love them all, esp the juxtaposition of the French bulldog posing w/the models. How appropriate!

  5. Georgianna amd David, thank you so much for taking us along here!!
    What beautiful images these are.

  6. I could wander the streets endlessly admiring the holiday window displays. It's part of the magic of December. :)

  7. Dear Georgianna,

    Your window shopping post is wonderful! Dear to every girls heart, to be able to see the window displays.
    Shopping in Paris was one of the most delightful things to do. I loved visiting Rue Cambon, the shop is amazing and loved walking out with a lovely new pair of shoes.

    Happy weekend

  8. Georgianna ~ your blog posts never fail to amaze ... your photos are so stunning. My favorites are the first photo and the reflection of the lantern on the glass as you're looking at the beautiful display and the tiny hot air balloons!! Hot air balloons have such a romantic, dreamy quality and they're special to me, as they used to fly over one of the houses I lived in often during summers ... I loved them and actually went up in one and it was magic!

    Thanks so much for stopping by Ooh La Frou Frou ... as always, left you a little note at ... have a fabulous weekend! xo

    Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou

  9. I just love your view. Thanks for taking me there. I sat here in aww and felt transported.

  10. Lovely window-shopping! There is definitely something magical about windows (and doors). Thanks for sharing!

  11. I also love watch the shop windows in this season. The imagination has no end so I always find fabulous ideas of window displays.
    Beautiful photos!

  12. Thanks for taking me window shopping in Paris, I enjoy every single moment!!!! : )

  13. Lovely, and window-shopping is a nice thing to do.(Not so expensive)


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