Paris: More A-door-ingly

Bonjour! We hope this finds you well at the changing of the seasons. Like many photographers and travelers, we are fascinated by the beauty and mystery of doors. And where better to find beautiful examples than along the streets of Paris. I finally had a chance recently to process some new ones from my last trip there in May so here they are: I love the variety of colors and have tried to capture as much of a spectrum as possible. In fact, we have so many Paris door photos now that I've made a dedicated section in our shop just for them here. And created this new piece which is a single 12" x 12" image made up of six of our favorites: Select images are now also available matted which really pleases me. It's so easy to frame them and the mats I've chosen are the best archival, double mats available. And, since we'll be traveling again soon, I've gone ahead and released our 2013 Paris calendar which features neutral-toned, classic Paris images from our current collection. We've made it super affordable like last year's calendar which proved a very popular holiday gift. It's available here right now and we're offering all of our loyal blog readers a 20% discount through October 15th. (Use coupon code CAL20) Here's a sample month:
    And the full 12 months of images:

As always, we appreciate you stopping by and sharing our views of this amazing city.

Thank you and à bientôt!

David and Georgianna


  1. Me encantan las puertas, estas fotos son fantasticas!!!
    Disfruto mucho visitandote!!
    Muchos besos!

  2. Oh, I just love doors Georgianna. But those found in Paris are especially gorgeous surrounded by such impressive architecture. I love the collage the best. One of my favorite pieces of art was a beautiful collage of photographs of doorways of Princeton. I lived in Princeton, New jersey for ten years before we left for Hong Kong. The doors of Hong Kong were amazing, but in my heart I still love the one of the place where I fell in love got married and had my babies.

    I wonder what it is that makes a doorway speak to our hearts. Whatever the answer, your beautiful photography captures the heart for all of us to enjoy.


  3. Beautiful images! Doors are a favourite of mine too but these are so lovely and ornate. Your calendar is exquisite! xo, Lynda

  4. wow! that is a beautiful door.. i love the colours..

  5. I love he pictures of al the doors!! I tried to do it to in Florence - Italy during summer ;)

  6. Fantastische Fotografie!

    Herzlichst aus der Schweiz


  7. I'm a big fan of architecturally interesting doors and windows. yours here are especially beautiful and make a great grouping.

  8. Hello
    your beautiful images of Paris are all I need to savour until my next trip.
    My daughter lives in a little village in France and we always have a wonderful sojourn in Paris but it's never long enough!! One day I would love to spend a few months living in beautiful Paris and experience her vibrancy day by day - getting under her skin so to speak!!
    I've taken many photos on the streets and share them from time to time on my blog.
    Shane ♥

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. That last comment gave the incorrect address for my blog...
    S o r r y!!!
    It was an old blog I had and sometimes Blogger plays tricks.
    If I have my email open at the same time as I comment on a blog - it brings it up - frustrating!
    My blog name should have read the one here!
    Shane ♥

  11. Georgianna,
    I love doors, so these you posted here are absolutely wonderful, you're a fantastic photographer, congratulations on your blog.
    Have a nice week.


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